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Shuttle Service From Breckenridge to Vail Pass

Heads up! The Vail Pass Shuttle is done for the year. We start back up in May 2018.
Vail Pass Shuttle Bike Ride

Enjoy the long downhill biking fun of Colorado's Vail Pass! Our shuttle will take you from Breckenridge to the top of Vail Pass where you will be able to ride down the paved bike path that meanders down the scenic mountain pass. Ride the bike path 15 miles into Frisco or test yourself and ride 25 miles back to Breckenridge. Mostly downhill to Frisco, you will be able to let gravity do most of the hard work.

We have 2 daily Vail Pass Shuttles that can accommodate 14 passengers each. The morning shuttle departs Mountain Wave at 9:15 am and the afternoon one leaves at 12:15pm. Be sure to reserve your spot early as space fills up.

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Vail Pass Shuttle - Morning
Vail Pass Shuttle - Morning
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Vail Pass Shuttle - Afternoon

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